I have a diverse range of clients with varying injuries, conditions and needs. Below is what some of my regulars have to say about their treatments and the benefits they experienced.

Working with Nick helped me to get out of pain, strengthen my low back and get back to work and the gym. Life saver!

Tobias Bentham - Builder

In my rehab phase of double spinal surgery, Nick gave me an invaluable understanding of strength and flexibility as perfect partners, allowing my traumatised body to express greater ease. Nick Pepper uses his impressive strength to hold and contain pain as it's set free from my body during treatment.

Catherine Chichester - Health and wellness practitioner

Nick has helped release some niggling injuries that were essentially the weak points in my movement chains. Clearing up these pathways has improved my core stability and as such I have made substantial developments in all areas of my own training. Working with Nick inspired me towards my own specialisation in PT, tailoring individual training programs to engage inhibited tissues, balancing the body in gravity and awakening health and fitness.

Corinna Jade - Personal Trainer