Movement remapping is a component of the work which takes place during and following RolfingĀ® Structural Integration. The aim is to explore and inhabit the space created by the tissue work, refining coordination and sequencing required for improved function. Remapping works by targeting the representations of our body within the brain and improving the awareness of ourselves in space.

Using specific language and visualisation techniques I hope to evoke the awareness and perception of new movement possibilities, from basic walking and sitting to sport or activity specific motor patterns.

The greater our sensation to feel will improve our ability to act. It is very exploratory in nature and not as simple as performing repetitions. It is here that practice and awareness begins to create new lasting patterns of movement which serve as a way to improve balance, function and timing of movement orchestration. This gives us a unique window into our subconcious behaviours and the relationships they hold to performance, emotional and mental experience.

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